Cooling Products

Carrier Infinity 21 Central Air Conditioner 24ANB1

We're not the only ones that think highly of this unit. It's ENERGY STAR® qualified in all sizes and has earned applause from Consumer's Digest as a Best Buy® winner.
It's easy to understand why. This model is the most efficient air conditioner we make for starters. Add to that the fact that its two-stage compressor can make a real comfort difference when it comes to managing indoor humidity.
Two-stage compression lets the system bring the cool when it's needed but allows it to function mostly in low-stage, where you get the highest efficiency and the best dehumidification due to longer run times. It's also quieter in low stage.
And if you want to really step up in comfort, make sure you combine the 24ANB1 with an Infinity indoor unit featuring a comfort-inducing variable-speed blower motor and manage it all with an Infinity control. It's the best way to assure you get the highest level of efficiency and cool comfort.

Carrier Infinity 19VS Central Air Conditioner

• ENERGY STAR® qualified in select sizes
• Optimal summer dehumidification when managed by the Infinity control
• Variable, 5-stage rotary compressor
Efficiency up to 19SEER

Carrier Infinity Coastal Air Conditioner 24ANB7**C

If you live within 10 miles of the seacoast, chances are you know how harsh salt air can be on an outdoor unit. This advanced Infinity series model is designed to withstand the rigors of your environment and is backed by one of the best seacoast warranties you'll find for an air conditioner.

With the Infinity 17 air conditioner you can have two-stage compressor comfort that lets the system bring up the cool if needed while functioning mostly in low-stage where you enjoy the highest efficiency and the best dehumidification. It's also generally quieter in low stage.

And, if paired with an Infinity variable-speed indoor unit and an Infinity control, this cooling system can provide even smarter energy and comfort management.

Infinity 16 Central Air Conditioner 24ANB6

Northern climates with less humid, milder summers may not call for the highest degree of efficiency. This model lets you enjoy the benefits of an Infinity system with ENERGY STAR® qualified cooling efficiency and quiet operation. Efficiency up to 16SEER

Carrier Performance 17 Central Air Conditioner 24ACB7

• ENERGY STAR® qualified in all sizes
• Superior summer dehumidification when managed by the Edge® relative humidity thermostat
• Two-stage scroll compressor

Carrier Comfort 16 Central Air Conditioner 24ABC6

The Comfort series of air conditioners is designed to give you simple, efficient, affordable cooling. And with impressive SEER ratings they can still make you smile when it comes time to pay your energy bill.


Carrier Comfort 13 Coastal Air Conditioner 24ABB3**C

The Comfort series of air conditioners is designed to give you simple, efficient and affordable cooling. Pair them with the right, SEER-boosting indoor unit and you can enjoy the money saving benefits of an ENERGY STAR® qualified unit in select sizes.

If you live within 10 miles of the coastline you may be aware of salt air corrosion. It can shorten the life of most air conditioners. This Comfort series model adds Weather Shield™ protection for superior sea coast corrosion resistance.

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