Bathroom Remodeling

At A & L we have a great deal of experience remodeling Bathrooms on Cape Cod. Referred to sometimes as the ‘smallest room in the house’, a good quality bathroom remodel can be an expensive proposition, especially when top quality materials are used. With our experience you can be sure that we’ll help you plan all the changes you will need. We’ll work with you and our suppliers, many of whom we work with constantly, to come up with everything you need to do a really excellent job at a competitive price. We’ll start with the layout, and consider changes, like rotating the toilet or the shower for easier access or to make better use of space. Considering a custom tiled shower enclosure? We’ve built many of them. Designing the drainage is key, and we’ll use a quality shower pan. Lighting in a quality bathroom is also very important. Today’s LED lighting fixtures are excellent value and efficient, and really enhance the end result. Once we’ve made sure we understand all the details we’ll make sure we have everything we need before starting work, and then we will work quickly and efficiently to complete the job in as short a time as possible, creating the minimum of mess and disturbance. We clean and tidy as we go so you can be sure everything will be spotless when we are done.